What is IDE? Overview of knowledge to know about IDE

When starting to program, one of the important factors that a programmer looks for is the IDE. A suitable IDE will be able to become a "partner" in your career. So what is an IDE? Why is IDE so important? What is the use of the IDE? All these questions will be answered by Tino Group in this article!

Learn about IDEs
What is IDE?
To put it simply, an IDE is a combination of functions that help you program, debug, and compile. IDEs are developed to make it easier for programmers to develop software.

IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment - integrated development environment.

Before IDEs were developed, the only way for programmers to program was to use Texteditor software, such as Notepad. They will compile the code on these Texteditors, then save it in a format like .java and run compile => note errors => come back and fix it until the code works.

Why use an IDE?
As you can see, before the advent of IDEs, programmers must have been very interested in programming with Texteditor. Or they have no other choice and perform other tasks of compiling and debugging code with many different operations and software.

When using the IDE, you get the following "all-in-one" integration benefits:

A software with the most optimal interface for writing and editing code. Most IDEs support you with clean, beautiful code that is easy to modify later and helps others understand what you're writing.
A compiler helps you write code and then convert it into machine language to communicate with the machine.
A Debug tool, helping you to optimize debugging and testing your source code.
There are many IDEs that are integrated with many other features to help programmers that we will explore. Here, Tino Group will introduce the basic features that most IDEs support for you!

What is the use of the IDE?
Write Code
Of course, writing code is the most important job in programming. Therefore, all IDEs support you with this function. Some IDEs will leave the interface blank, you will need to start from scratch. Some IDEs support pre-written basic lines of code for software. Some IDEs support pre-made application templates, you choose the appropriate framework and use it.

You only need to write a few more lines of code and you have a computer program!

Support syntax highlighting
One of the functions that makes you feel good about having IDEs to help you code is syntax highlighting. For example, the text will have a different color from the variable, the note will have a different color from the functions… You can see the complete difference in the image.

Autocomplete support
More precisely the IDE's ability to suggest the complete statement. If you use a Java statement with the intention of printing something to the screen, you need to type the following completely: System.out.println().

However, when you type Sy the software will show a System command prompt , you type System.o IDE will suggest you out or setout .

This hint will save you a lot of time when programming!

Build executables
For example, the Java language is an executable language. Before you run the source software .Java will be automatically converted to .class by the compiler and finally the software will execute. The IDE will do this whole process automatically and you don't need to get involved.

Debugging Support
"Running from the sun", it can be said that any programmer will write a wrong command line or get a bug and have to run debug - debug once in a lifetime.

When the software does not work properly, the IDE will automatically run debugging, which provides suggestions for the programmer to check and correct errors intentionally to help the software work more correctly.

Many IDEs help detect you code wrong before you run the compile anymore! It's very convenient, isn't it?

Introducing some popular IDEs
NetBeans – simple and completely free
NetBeans is a pretty simple and easy to use IDE. However, the free NetBeans is no less powerful than other paid IDEs. Many developers use NetBeans to build Windows form applications, mobile apps, and web apps.

You can use drag and drop very intuitive in NetBeans.

Visual Studio – multi-language, cross-platform
Visual Studio is one of the most popular IDEs in the world developed by Microsoft. With Visual Studio, you are provided with a lot of functions and extensions that are constantly being developed and added to make it easier for programmers to code, increase creativity rather than groping for software.

You can load new programming languages ​​by adding extensions to Visual Studio!

Android Studio – Official Android IDE
Are you aiming for Android's 70% mobile app market share? So, Android Studio will be the necessary first step for you to be able to develop an application specifically for the Android operating system.

Android Studio is the official IDE for the Android operating system developed by Google. You can use 2 main languages ​​Java and Kotlin to program on this IDE.

At this point, you probably have a better understanding of what an IDE is, right? They are not only a code editor, but also a powerful compiler and debug software. Tino Group wishes you to find an IDE that is right for you and develop your programming career.

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Frequently asked questions about IDE
Which IDEs are suitable for students?
When you learn C, C++ language, Dev-C++ IDE will be very suitable for you.

For more advanced subjects, you can choose from free IDEs and your programming teachers will also recommend using such as:

NetBean – free, multilingual
Intellij – supports many languages, can create very beautiful software
Android Studio – Free for Android mobile programming, supports 2 languages ​​Java and Kotlin. Note: This IDE is extremely RAM hungry!
Which IDE is the best?
If you are looking for the best and most perfect IDE in the world, it can be difficult. However, most IDE software can support your programming work well, you just need to choose the right IDE software and you will try with that IDE software throughout your journey. For example, if you develop Android apps, you would choose Android Studio; If you program for Apple products, Xcode will work for you.

What's the hard part about using an IDE?
One of the difficult points in using the IDE is:

IDE is not yet fully intelligent, you will need to have coding knowledge to write an optimal software.
Some IDEs will consume a lot of machine resources
Not all IDEs are free; some IDEs are free but you need to pay if you want support or you will need to pay for Add-ons, Plugins, Extensions.
Should I download full crack IDE software or not?
The answer will depend on you, most IDEs are free, you just need to find and choose for yourself a suitable IDE. However, you can use the cracked version if absolutely necessary. But Tino Group does not encourage you to use cracked software because they contain a lot of risks, if you install it, you will be solely responsible and bear all consequences , Tino Group will not be involved in the decision. your.

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