What is the shipping code? Experience when choosing Ship cod delivery service

If you are a believer in online shopping, you must have heard of Ship cod at least once. Currently, this form is gradually becoming popular as e-commerce platforms develop rapidly. So what is the Ship code? Let's find out details about Ship cod with TinoHost in today's article!

Introducing Ship code 
What is the shipping code?
COD is an abbreviation of the phrase "Cash On Delivery" , which roughly translates to cash on delivery . This means that shoppers will directly receive the goods first and then pay for the goods. In addition, Ship cod is also understood simply as the buyer will pay directly to the delivery staff (also known as the shipper). 

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In Vietnam, this form is developing rapidly because of the "explosive" development of online business. Currently, Ship cod plays an important role in distributing goods all over the country. 

Advantages and disadvantages of Ship cod
Customers often feel less secure with Ship cod delivery because this is a form of "money giving porridge". 
Create credibility for small or start-up businesses 
Increase the closing rate 
Save costs compared to online payment 
Refund time is long, usually 3 to 7 days 
If you lose the voucher sent to the seller, no refund will be given 
Losing money if encountering unscrupulous shipping units 
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How does the Ship cod process work?
Step 1: Place an order on the e-commerce platform or any online shop

Ordering is the first step in the Ship cod process. This happens between the buyer and the seller without any payment taking place. The seller will close the order and aggregate all orders within the day for packaging.

Step 2: Register for Ship cod delivery service at shipping units

The seller will contact reliable shipping units to send the goods to the customer and complete the registration with the Ship cod service provider.

Here are the reputable Ship cod support shipping units as follows: 

Viettel Post
Economical Delivery (GHTK)
Vietnam Post (VNPost)
J&T Express
Fast delivery
Ninja Van
Step 3: The carrier collects the delivery fee and collects the money for the business unit

The Ship cod service provider will deliver the order to the buyer. Next, the buyer will check the goods (condition, quantity, quality of the goods), finally, the shippers receive the order when the customer agrees to receive the goods.

In case the package is refused to be received by the customer, the shippers will return the order to the shipping unit, who will return the order to the online business unit.

Step 4: Refund to online sellers

When the online business unit records successful delivery on the system, immediately, the Ship cod service provider will transfer the amount of the collected goods to the online business unit's account as registered.

During the Ship cod process, both the buyer and the seller can track each stage of the Ship cod on the carrier's website. 

Experience when choosing Ship cod delivery service
Prepare products carefully before Ship code
Before transferring goods to shipping units, online business units should prepare products and customer care related issues such as:

Reply the message 
Telephone for customers
Offer promotions
This is the most basic requirement before deciding to Ship cod goods. 

Online sellers must regularly monitor issues related to the delivery process such as: 

Stages in the delivery of the order
Order status
Feedback information from transport units
Make sure the shipping address information is correct
In order for the delivery process to be smooth and fast, the seller must confirm the customer's shipping address if they cannot find it on Google map. Online shop owners should pay attention to shippers if the delivery address is especially difficult to find or the customer changes the delivery address. This will make it easier for shippers to deliver. 

Online shop owners should pay attention to specific customer information as follows:

apartment number
Street names
Name of commune, ward, district, city, province.
First and last name 
Phone number 

Check exactly the consignee
There are many cases where the orderer is busy with an unexpected matter, so he asks someone else to pick it up for him. Therefore, in order for the Ship cod process not to be time-consuming, online sales units must clearly understand the information of the ordering customer and the consignee. Delivery staff should carefully pay attention to customer information and address carefully when encountering the situation of receiving orders for the orderer. 

Choose a professional and reputable shipping company
To avoid unexpected risks, business owners should learn about reputable transport units in the market before starting cooperation.

When receiving a Ship cod order, the transport unit is the unit on behalf of the business unit to store, arrange and ensure the intact condition of the goods until the customer's hand.

Customer service attitude and brand reputation
Taking care of customers with an open, dedicated and thoughtful attitude in every order. This is the deciding factor for customers to spend money to buy from you and customers to continue to buy from you. 

You should apologize when problems arise and improve customer service to be more complete. Try to grasp customer psychology to be able to plan development direction for the business.

Thus, in the article above, TinoHost has provided full information about Ship cod delivery as well as notable related issues. Hope this article was helpful to you if you want to start your own online business might consider this potential form of delivery.

FAQs about Ship code
Need to pay attention to the issue of the shipping address during the delivery of the order?
First, please provide accurate shipping address information to shippers, to avoid confusion of addresses. Second, you should phone the customer if you can't find the shipping address on the map. Finally, you should notify shippers of hard-to-find shipping addresses. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Ship cod delivery for delivery personnel?

Get extra income from freight
Increase income when orders arrive
Transfer money via bank account so it doesn't take time
Cons: There are many cases of "goods bombs" that make delivery staff both laborious and time-consuming.

Is the shipping method Ship cod safe?
Currently, this is the most preferred method of delivery because you do not need to pay any money in advance. When the goods arrive, you have the right to check and then receive the goods and pay for the goods, so you do not need to worry about losing anything.

When delivering Ship cod, online shop owners need to pay attention to 4 things?
In case the customer cannot be contacted, the online shop owner can call at another time (besides lunch break, office hours);
When a customer changes the delivery time, the online shop owner should directly remind the customer one day before the delivery. At the same time, the online shop owner must save the specific delivery time for the shipping unit.
If you cancel the order, the online shop owner needs to find out the reason to take measures, change and remedy immediately.
When you accidentally save the wrong delivery address, the online shop owner must review all the original information and find a way to contact customers again with a gentle, positive attitude.

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