What is Visa Debit Card? What is the best and fastest bank to make Visa Debit card?

Shopping online, receiving or transferring money abroad is often very difficult and inconvenient. Are you looking for a safe and fast international payment service? All your requests and concerns will be handled by Visa Debit card. So what is Visa Debit bank card? How can I use the card?

What is Visa Debit Card?
Visa Debit Card is an international debit card branded Visa. In particular, Visa is a large financial group in the field of international payment based in California, USA with tens of millions of payment acceptance points around the world.

Visa Debit card is jointly issued by Visa International Association (USA) with domestic banks around the world to co-issue for customers using the card worldwide. This means that the card allows users to use it to shop online on foreign websites , withdraw cash from the card at ATMs, transfer money in the system, etc.

What is the identification of Visa Debit card?
Each Visa Debit card issued by each bank will have its own identification mark. In particular, the type of international debit card will be present first, including the following information:

Rectangular design card with three main colors: white, blue, yellow
On the card, the words Debit are printed prominently in white
Name of bank issuing Visa Debit card
Account name
Card number
Validity/expiry date on the card
The back of the card has the cardholder's signature box, the information encrypted on the system and the CVV insurance number.

Review the pros and cons of Visa Debit card
When using Visa Debit card to make transactions, users will receive a lot of great benefits. Here are the outstanding advantages of Visa Debit card:

Convenient and fast payment process
For Visa Debit cards issued and controlled at reputable banking and financial institutions today, you will not need to use cash to make easy transactions. As a result, you can cut unnecessary time for going to change cash or having to remember to bring money every time you go out.

Instead, the Visa Debit card will help you pay for all transactions through POS payment machines, supported ATMs or transactions at electronic banks. 

Absolute security features
When it comes to assets, security always comes first. For Visa Debit card, the security feature is very high. Card users will have an account management system 24/7, you can quickly detect illegal activities with your card in time.

If unfortunately, you have a certain amount of money stolen, Visa will assist you in getting this money back quickly.

Stand out with the ultimate money management tool compared to other cards
Make transactions with Visa Debit card, the system will automatically debit the user's bank account. Therefore, you can check your account balance at any time through the system on your website or banking application. Your entire payment history will be kept to assess your credit score. Based on this credit score to increase your credit limit if you make a Credit Card in the future.

Personal payments are very well supported
If you want to spend on transactions abroad, it will take you time to go to the bank to exchange money. But that was before, today with Visa Debit card you can easily pay for all expenses as well as receive money from abroad to Vietnam easily, safely and extremely quickly.

When paying with Visa Debit card, you are subject to a discount depending on the amount you use
Regarding security, if your card password is exposed, it is easy for others to steal money in your account.
Choose a reputable bank as a Visa Debit card
Vietcombank bank
Visa Debit card issued by Vietcombank with total spending up to 200 million VND/day and maximum withdrawal amount is 50 million VND/day.

Coming to Vietcombank, you should make Vietcombank Visa Platinum international debit card - a high-class international debit card product of Vietcombank built on the EMV chip technology platform with the best safety and security today. . Services at Vietcombank are extremely diverse, providing high-class customers with many outstanding incentives and attractive utilities.

Outstanding advantages at Vietcombank
Free main card services: Visa Debit card issuance, PIN re-issue, cash withdrawal, reimbursement claim, etc.
Let customers accumulate cashback points
Insurance, shopping, golf services
24/7 banking service
Security with international standard EMV technology
ACB bank
Visa Debit card is issued at ACB extremely quickly with simple procedures, after 15 minutes of receiving the complete customer profile, the card will be completed. Transaction limit at ACB is 50 million VND/day. Besides, the fee schedule of Visa Debit ACB card and annual card maintenance fee is quite low.

Outstanding advantages at ACB
Free Visa Debit card issuance
Customers are offered insurance when withdrawing money at ATMs worldwide within ACB bank
Customers enjoy many incentives such as travel services, entertainment, shopping, ...
ACB offers a transaction space for depositing and paying in VND with demand interest rates 
Visa Debit card is issued at Techcombank with simple and fast procedures. Customers participating in services at Techcombank will enjoy many great incentives and utilities.

Outstanding advantages at Techcombank
Free Visa Debit card issuance
The process of tracking and managing the spending of loved ones through the issuance of supplementary cards is extremely simple and convenient
Get free alerts when your card shows signs of fraud or forgery
Earn interest on your account balance
You are entitled to a discount when making transactions at the Visa Debit international payment card system that cooperates with Techcombank.
Customer care policy is supported anytime, anywhere
Instructions on how to use Visa Debit card from AZ
Instructions on how to open the simplest Visa Debit card
Visa Debit cards are now supported by many banks to issue cards, you can refer to the information mentioned above. Each bank when opening a card has its own rules and conditions. Before deciding to make a Visa Debit card, you need to consider whether you have met the basic criteria.

Documents to open Visa Debit card need to prepare
Card issuance request form together with Visa Debit card contract (each bank will have its own issuance form, you should consult and ask for details at the counter of your chosen bank)
Prepare a copy of the identity card / national identity card (You need to bring the original for comparison)
Prepare a copy of the permanent residence book (bring the original for verification)
Pay Visa Debit card fee (Fee varies from 50,000 VND depending on each bank)
Visa Debit card opening process
Step 1: Select a bank that supports issuing Visa Debit cards that you want to register. Then, go to the nearest bank's transaction office
Step 2: Enter full personal information in the card opening request
Step 3: Submit the application to open a multi-prepared card to the credit officer.
Step 4: Complete the procedure and after 7 days you can receive the card.

How to withdraw money from Visa Debit card?
Withdraw money at the bank's transaction office
Withdrawing money from a Visa Debit card at a bank is the simplest and easiest way to do it. You can bring your Visa Debit card, identification document (identity card / identity card) to the bank's transaction offices near your area. Here, you make a withdrawal request, the bank staff will assist you in detailing the steps.

This way of withdrawing money is somewhat simple, highly effective security, but quite expensive of your time. Because at the bank, the number of transactions is always busy, sometimes you have to wait for hours to make a transaction.

Withdraw money at ATMs
Withdrawing money from Visa Debit cards at ATMs is a popular and especially convenient and fast way. You just need to bring your card to any ATM that supports withdrawing money from Visa Debit cards. Next, you perform withdrawal operations like normal bank cards.

Withdrawal via electronic transactions
This method of withdrawal is suitable when you need to make an online transaction. You will enter the following personal information:

Cardholder's first and last name
Card number
Code CVV
After entering complete and correct information in the correct order above, you can make transactions easily.

You see, Visa Debit card is one of the most commonly used convenient bank cards today. Owning a Visa Debit card will make your life easier, more modern and convenient even when you are abroad. Hopefully, the above sharing will help you better understand the Visa Debit card and be able to choose the right bank card for you.

FAQs about Visa Debit cards
What are the basic requirements to open a Visa Debit card?
Cardholders need to be Vietnamese citizens or foreigners living and working in Vietnam
Enough 18 years old
Provide full documents: household registration book, identity card / identity card (for Vietnamese). For foreigners, it is necessary to have a valid passport and a letter of introduction from the working agency.
Own a bank account to link to make a Visa Debit card
How long does it take to get a Visa Debit card?
After you complete the paperwork and make the card at the counter as required. After 15-30 minutes for the staff to enter and complete the information, they will issue you an appointment to get the card.

Normally after 7 days from the time of registration, you can return to the bank receiving the Visa Debit card. However, after you top up the card, you can activate it and conduct transactions

How to pay online with Visa Debit card?
Enter the correct name printed on the card in the  "Cardholder's name" field.

Enter the 16-digit card number in the  Card number field .
Enter the month and year of the card's expiration in the " Valid thru " field.
Enter 3 CVV numbers in the “ CVV” field . We also need to note that we should remember these 3 numbers carefully and then remove them to ensure the security of the card when you lose the card.
Enter Vietnam's shipping address or postal code if we purchase on foreign sites.
What is the difference between Visa Debit card and Credit card?
Credit card is a credit card. The card allows users to spend money first and pay later within a specified credit limit. The procedure for making a Credit card is quite complicated, requiring you to prove your income
Visa Debit card is how much you will use as much, when used up, you can top up and use. Cards for international use. To register for a Visa Debit card, you just need to bring your identity card and make a card at the bank.

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