What is Visual Studio Code? Learn more about Visual Studio Code

If you are looking for a powerful IDE to use for your work and study, Visual Studio Code - the "best-known" IDE for programming support will probably be the optimal choice for you. there! So what is Visual Studio Code? What are the powerful capabilities of Visual Studio Code? All will be "revealed" by Tino Group in this article!

Learn about Visual Studio Code
What is Visual Studio Code?
Visual Studio Code is a completely free code editor and editor developed by Microsoft for programmers and available on most popular operating systems such as: Windows , Linux and macOS. It can be said that Visual Studio Code is a unique combination - the pinnacle of IDE and Code Editor.

Not only editing and editing code, Visual Studio Code can also help you do a lot of things such as: change themes , a series of handy shortcuts, debug functions included, Git support, syntax highlighting support. support the process of typing code, intelligent code suggestions, ...

Who should use Visual Studio Code?
Visual Studio Code is a product of Microsoft. Therefore, Visual Studio Code owns the most advanced technologies and is regularly updated. Not only suitable for professional programmers, Visual Studio Code is also suitable for:

Student studying information technology
Data Administrators
And most people who are interested in programming can use Visual Studio Code to serve their work and study needs.

Why should you use Visual Studio Code?
4 main reasons why you should use Visual Studio Code over others:

Developed for multiple platforms
The process of coding and debugging is optimized
Robust and Extensible Architecture
Large support community
Developed for multiple platforms
Visual Studio Code is a software from Microsoft. Therefore, this software is extremely strongly compatible with the Windows operating system. In addition, you can also download and use Visual Studio Code on two other extremely popular operating systems, Linux and MacOS.

Do you use multiple devices with different operating systems? No problem, Visual Studio Code supports you as much as possible on all 3 of the world's most popular operating systems.

The process of coding and debugging is optimized
When coding, you will mostly be working on the keyboard. Therefore, shortcuts that open functions or shortcuts to add commands, etc. will be essential to avoid breaking the "flow circuit" while coding. Visual Studio Code does this very well. Once you're familiar with Visual Studio Code's keyboard shortcuts, you'll save a considerable amount of time!

In addition, you can also add and change shortcuts to suit your work.

Not only support for proprietary languages ​​or developed by Microsoft, Visual Studio Code can also support programmers using many different programming languages ​​through Extensions that extend features for Visual Studio Code.

One of the highlights that makes Visual Studio Code so powerful is its capabilities: support for syntax completion, auto-align, bracket matching, etc.

Robust and Extensible Architecture
Visual Studio Code is built on Electron combined with many other advanced technologies such as JavaScript, Node.js and the extremely powerful acceleration of Visual Studio Code itself. Users will get the best experience during their project development.

Large support community
With its strong growth in recent years, Visual Studio Code has affirmed its position and has a huge community of users around the world.

If you have trouble, you can ask for the help of the developer community from Microsoft, the communities on Reddit, Github , StackOverflow , etc.

What functions does Visual Studio Code have?
Visual Studio Code is a software that Microsoft is very "loved" with enthusiastic support for the development of Visual Studio Code from the large developer community. Therefore, Visual Studio Code is constantly being upgraded, equipped with the most optimal technologies and best supported for programmers such as:

Language Extensibility
Provides a huge store of extensions
Cross-platform support
Support to optimize the coding
Optimized for website building
End-to-end integration capabilities
One screen with many functions
Support using Git
Provides a huge store of extensions
If you are learning or working with ASP.NET but you need to use more C, C++ , C# or Java?

No problem! You just need to go to the extension store of Visual Studio Code and find yourself the language you need => install it and continue using it right in Visual Studio Code!

Want to change the look and feel of Visual Studio Code? Their extension store also has a lot of options for you to choose from!

Visual Studio Code's Intellisense prompt feature is extremely professional and smart. If you accidentally forget to declare a variable, Intellisense will help you with the declaration; If you type incomplete code, Intellisense can also assist with additional syntax or suggestions for you.

Cross-platform support
You use Windows, Linux or MacOS, you can use Visual Studio Code software right on that operating system. Each operating system interface is slightly different in the toolbar, but you will still be familiar with the quick switching.

Optimized for website building
You can design an entire website right in Visual Studio Code! By combining Visual Studio Code itself, it has optimal support for web programming, with extensions that support other languages ​​and functions. You will get the finished product is the website, the website application is extremely fast and high quality.

One screen with many functions
Visual Studio Code integrates a lot of features to help you code and manipulate your folders in the most professional way and you will not need to change between screens or return to the original folder.

You can also open multiple files and folders at the same time without having to be related to each other!

Support using Git
GitHub has been acquired by Microsoft. So Visual Studio Code has been and is being more optimized for storing your code to a safe 3rd place like Github so you no longer have to worry about if your device goes down, all your data is lost. Will everything in the device be lost?

At this point, you also have a better understanding of Visual Studio Code, right! Tino Group hopes that the article will be able to help you find your favorite features in Visual Studio Code and make the most of your programming!

Frequently asked questions about Visual Studio Code
Should I download Visual Studio Code full crack or not?
No, because Visual Studio Code is inherently free. You will be charged a license fee when you use Visual Studio Code to develop commercial products.

If you download the full crack versions of Visual Studio Code, this is not very necessary and can also bring you consequences such as:

Nhiễm virus, malware
The computer is installed with other malicious software…
How to disable automatic updates of Visual Studio Code?
To disable updates for Visual Studio Code, simply set the update mode from default to none .

Working on Windows: File => Preferences => Settings
Operation on macOS: Code => Preferences => Settings
How to see the current version of Visual Studio Code in use?
To see the version of Visual Studio Code you are using, do the following:

On macOS operating system, you do: Code => About Visual Studio Code.
On Windows and Linux operating systems: Help => About.
The version of Visual Studio Code you are using means the following: major.minor.release for example 1.27.0 .

Why is Visual Studio Code blank?
Sometimes the Electron shell Visual Studio Code is using has problems with the GPU. If you find your Visual Studio Code blank on your home screen, you can try disabling GPU acceleration by adding the following command to Electron:

code –disable-gpu

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