4 effective Online Marketing methods regardless of fields

Online marketing is considered a "universal key" to help businesses connect with potential customers quickly, step by step opening up new opportunities. In order not to fall behind in the midst of a fiercely competitive market, businesses must be flexible, innovate every day and have an appropriate Online Marketing strategy that optimizes costs. Let's explore with Tino Group 4 effective Online Marketing methods, regardless of fields right below!

#1. Social Media Marketing
What is Online Social Media Marketing Method?
Social Media is considered one of the key Online Marketing methods for businesses, especially the e-commerce industry. The essence of this form does not stop at creating a social network account (Facebook or Instagram) and waiting for customers to find you. To be able to reach and increase the number of customers, businesses need to exploit the social networking platform that consumers are interested in.

Simply put, Social Media Marketing is the process of attracting attention and building a brand image through social networks, promoting consumer behavior. It can be seen that social networks are extremely potential sales and brand development channels, not only in traditional business but also in online business.

In the age of technology, Social Media is a valuable online marketing channel for businesses to reach customers quickly and in a timely manner. Besides, you do not have to spend too much money to promote, but the effect is quite high.

Types of Social Media Marketing
Currently, Social Media Marketing is divided into two main groups: Organic and Paid.

Organic Social Media Marketing: This platform focuses on building a community to increase relationships with users.
Paid Social Media Marketing: this is a paid form of Online Marketing, helping businesses achieve the goal of reaching customers on a large scale.
Impressive numbers about Social Media
According to statistics at chuyengiamarketing.com, the impressive numbers about Social Media are detailed as below.

Social networking platforms are always volatile, easy to change but also extremely interesting and useful for life 4.0. In Vietnam, more than 75% of the population uses the Internet, mostly young people. If you carefully observe, you can see that young people almost all spend about 4-6 hours just surfing the web, Facebook, updating news, chatting with friends. It can be seen that this is a huge number before the attraction of the Internet in Vietnam.

Currently, Vietnam has more than 90 million active Zalo accounts . With simple transactions, completely in Vietnamese language, easy to get used to, so the elderly can use it easily. Compared to Facebook, Zalo is also considered a potential channel to help localize and reach target customers, exchange jobs quite stably and have good security.

Next is Instagram , this is a professional, artistic photo-sharing social networking platform with more than 500 million daily users. With such an impressive number, it is not too difficult for marketers to research strategies, approach potential customers and build brands very well.

Youtube is also considered a video social networking site that "storms" in the Vietnamese market, attracting tens of millions of viewers. This is a potential and safe money-making platform that many individuals and businesses love.

And the peak "playground" of Marketing Online that cannot be missed is TikTok. Stormed by the rapidly increasing number of users, surpassing the milestone of more than 1 billion participants per month, TikTok has surpassed other social networking platforms, becoming an interesting marketing tool that every brand wants to own. to reach target customers.

In addition, some other social networking sites such as Linkedin , Twitter , Priestess, etc. also support businesses to share information effectively.

For example, the campaign "Go To Return" brings the Biti's brand to "revival".
Around the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017, Vietnamese youth were buzzing with the "Go To Return" campaign, marking the "spectacular" return of Biti's with the Biti's Hunter sub-brand. Biti's focused on implementing the message with two main MVs "Going to return" 1 and 2 both performed by Soobin Hoang Son along with the controversial product placement in the MV Lac Troi by Son Tung MTP.

Season 1: Leading young people to the story "Going Back" and realizing its insight, Biti's created a debate on the topic of "Go or return" on Facebook, with the participation of KOLs such as: Pho, Giang Hoang, Phan Y Yen, etc. use the hashtags #teamdi, #teamreturn.
Season 2: Biti's opens a contest to share the most meaningful trip of the year on Facebook to give 500 lucky young people a chance to reunite during Tet. The program called "Share the most meaningful trip of the year - Start your journey to Return with Biti's Hunter" attracted more than 12,000 shares.

#2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
What is SEO?
SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization" , roughly translated: search engine optimization . This is considered an effective form of Online Marketing on the website to bring articles to the top position of Google. You don't have to spend money to run SEO ads.

The interesting point in SEO is: when customers have a need to buy a certain product or service, they will search for related keywords on Google. Users often tend to click on the first articles to refer to, or even buy. Therefore, if your article is on the top, it means that your SEO is successful. A keyword that is SEO to the top shows the quality and credibility of your website, easy to reach customers and high conversion rate.

For example: You search for a reputable website design unit . The quick and popular way is to search on Google. Just type a keyword into the search bar and you'll get a bunch of results. In the illustration below, the article of Blog Tino Group is at the top of Google.

Website design optimized for search engines
Although there is no cost to run ads, but to do SEO, businesses need to invest time and manpower in the key research journey. Design an impressive website, reasonable layout and user-friendly. At the same time, you must constantly take care of the website by updating articles that provide specific and useful information, constantly refreshing rich content so that customers can access them quickly and effectively from the website. your page.

A note for you: To be successful with this method of Online Marketing, you need to ensure that the page load speed must be fast, display well on all devices and optimize for search engines, improving the user experience. use.

It can be said that this is a necessary and must-have method for every business, if you don't own a website that meets the above criteria, it is very difficult for you to be effective. Businesses need a specific online address, a place for customers to access and learn about your products and services. This website will provide maximum support for businesses to reach customers and drive traffic effectively.

Popular types of SEO Marketing
Overall SEO
This is considered the process of optimizing the entire website according to Google's standards and some other necessary factors to help increase the reputation and quality of the website, and improve the user experience. In particular, overall SEO will include 2 influencing factors:

Onpage SEO: helps to increase website rankings on search engines by optimizing displays such as meta, content , heading, images, etc.
Offpage SEO: increase the number of reputable links from other websites by optimizing external factors such as link building, Social Media channels, etc.
Keyword SEO
This form is quite familiar and popular with businesses. If the overall SEO of the entire website, keyword SEO focuses on depth to increase the highest keyword rankings on search pages like Google.

Image SEO
This is how SEOs use design techniques, putting images in the page to the top of Google search when someone searches for that keyword and gets results in the form of images.

SEO Clip
SEOer designs, SEO videos, clips available on the web or from Youtube channels with attractive content to put your website displayed on the video tab.

SEO Google Map
This is a way to help users easily find the place they are looking for on Google Map. This method is very suitable for local business model.

#3. Email Marketing Online – The perfect marketing tactic
What is Email Marketing Online?
This is an extremely perfect marketing technique through Email , helping your customers know the products and services that your business is providing. At the same time, an effective Email Marketing campaign will help your website get a relative amount of traffic.

Any business that operates needs an Email address. No longer as simple as before, providing dry information to customers, Email has been converted to a new trend, set time and sent to target customers . A quality Email reaches users both in content and form. If the content of the letter you send to customers is attractive and well communicated, they will most likely become customers, even share it with friends, via social networks.

This can be seen as a power of "online word of mouth" that is extremely useful. A tool that integrates both traditional and modern, helping businesses promote their image, creating great Online Marketing strategies.

Example of Email Marketing Online by JetBlue
JetBlue is a business operating in the airline industry that often uses Email Marketing to interact with existing customers.

In particular, the campaign “Where'd You Go? Want to Buy This?” of JetBlue is really a great model for businesses in planning and implementing this Email Marketing.

On the occasion of the 1 year anniversary of Mail registration, JetBlue took advantage of this opportunity to transmit Marketing communication messages to customers. Besides, this is also an interesting, funny but familiar method, cleverly reminding the discount codes that JetBlue has to customers.

#4. Affiliate Marketing Online
What is Affiliate Marketing Online?
Affiliate Marketing Online (affiliate marketing) is a form of promoting products and services of a supplier to users through the page of 3rd party partners. In which, “partners” are understood as collaborators. Join Affiliate.

Similar to other countries in the world, Affiliate Marketing in Vietnam is a form of online business (Make Money Online - MMO) under the model of a collaborator. That is, the supplier finds a product distributor that supports Affiliate, registers to promote the product and distributes the commission to the collaborator. For each successfully paid order, the affiliate will receive a commission from the supplier. This is a potential online marketing way, win-win. Participating collaborators earn commissions easily and businesses bring products to a wide audience, helping to drive sales and increase revenue significantly.

Some reputable Affiliate channels
Affiliate Tino Group: This is an affiliate policy provider for reputable Cloud Hosting and Cloud VPS services. The brand is rated as having the highest commission in Vietnam with 30% for the first time and 10% for life.
Affiliate AccessTrade: This is a platform that applies Affiliate policies in the leading fields of e-commerce , finance, education, health, owns many participating partners from big brands such as Lazada , Tiki , Adayroi , CitiBank,…
Affiliate AdFlex: Featured as the leading pioneer Affiliate system in Vietnam following the trend of CPO (Cost Per Order), a form of affiliate marketing where commissions are calculated on each order, a variety of functional products, physics, feng shui…
Above are 4 popular Online Marketing methods that Tino Group has synthesized to send to you. Hopefully, through the article, you have partly visualized the overview of Online Marketing, and at the same time grasped the trends and chose the right marketing strategy to promote business efficiency for businesses.

FAQs about Online Marketing Methods
Are social media and social networks the same thing?
Most of the time, people often confuse Social Media and social network (Social Network) as one. However, social networking is actually only a small part of Social Media. Because Social Media is not only a social network but also includes other groups such as forums, Blogs, channels to share information, images, videos, ..

Which Google algorithms support SEOers in the optimization process?
Pigeon Algorithm.
Mobile Friendly.
Fred Algorithm.
Panda algorithm - pandas.
Pirate Algorithm.
What products does Affiliate Marketing allow?
Digital products: JVZoo, Warrior Plus,..
Physical products: Amazon, Associates, Linkshare,…
CPA Network: Leadbit, AdWorkMedia,…
Internet technology: Hosting, Domain, VPS, server, SEO service: can refer to Tino Group provider with specific participation instructions, high commission policy.
Are Traditional Media Social Media?
Social Media is a social media. However, the traditional media such as television, newspapers, radio, .. only meet one element of Media and lack of Social. Therefore, this form only provides one-way information, viewers cannot interact, express emotions and personal opinions like Social Media.

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