Top 5 simple and reputable ways to make money online

In the previous article, TinoHost introduced an overview of making money online in 2021 . In this article, TinoHost will share with you 5 simple and reputable ways to make money online!

Online selling

When thinking of making money online, selling online is the first job that comes to everyone's mind. And the strong development of online stores, online channels in combination with commerce has implicitly confirmed the enduring power of this form of making money.

Make money selling online
Selling online is that you can sell everything you like. The most popular are cosmetics, clothes, …. on Facebook . Livestream is the way for online sellers to reach users the most and most vividly. This way will bring in quite a large income if your Facebook account has a large number of followers.
Besides, opening stores on e-commerce sites such as Lazada, Shopee... is also a popular way of many young people. Selling online is becoming more and more popular and growing strongly.

Online selling

Affiliate Marketing
In recent years, Affiliate Marketing (roughly translated: Affiliate Marketing ) is a form of assessment to make money online is the most popular.
The outstanding advantage of this method is that you do not need to be too concerned about delivery, stocking, customer care, ....

Make money with Affiliate Marketing
You just need to introduce the product of the supplier (Lazada, Tiki, Shopee, ...) to customers through the affiliate marketing link on the system. After that, you will receive a commission when customers perform actions such as filling out a registration form, making a purchase, etc.
The commission level is very flexible and quite attractive, depending on the policy of each company.
Example: The commission policy at TinoHost is as follows:
For each customer you refer through your marketing link and purchase Hosting / VPS products at TinoHost, you will be credited with 30% commission based on the total the amount that customers first pay for TinoHost, for other services excluding domain names, you will receive 10% of the commission rate corresponding to the successful payment service for TinoHost.
Comment: This form brings high income, low risk. Therefore, affiliate marketing is widely concerned by the community.

affiliate marketing

Join Google Adsense PPC program
Google will pay you a decent fee (up to thousands of dollars) for their ad clicks from your website every month. Earnings will be higher if the ads you place on your page are closer to the theme of your website.

Monetize through Google Adsense and Facebook Audience Network
Designing your own personal website, maintaining a stable daily page view is the first thing you need to do. From there you can register with Google, start receiving money from placing Google ads with each click.
However, the actual situation is that the value of access from Vietnam is not really high. Unless your website owns a large amount of traffic, the income of Google Adsense is usually quite low.

Make money through Google Adsense

Make money with Personal Brand Blog/Website (Blogger)
The  bloggers are considered citizens of a society electronics electronics.
The main product of this method is your own website, blog or personal brand. ?Blogger is quite popular in the field of beauty, health, technology, informatics, ....

Make money with Blog/Website and place ads
Bloggers can be individuals or small groups, expressing their subjective views on a certain topic, writing about things they like. They share stories or existing knowledge on websites or social networks to reach everyone.
When making money with Blog/Website, what you need is a personality. Among so many other sites, it's not easy for others to notice your site. What you need is a unique "substance" to make a special personal brand.
The highlight of this method is that when your blog site achieves a certain number of followers, you can earn extra money from your blog. Specifically in 3 ways:

Earn commissions (acting as an agent). You can put other people's products or services on your blog. If these products are relevant to your blog, all the better! If someone approaches or buys the product, you will receive a commission!
Selling advertising: A large number of followers is an extremely ideal condition for you to receive ads for products on your site. An ideal source of passive income, right?
Find sponsors: Not only selling ads on your blog site, finding sponsors will make your site more prestigious and quality.
Comments:   This is a sustainable way to make money online with low risk, providing average income. However, the difficulty of this way of making money is quite high.

Become a Youtuber
Becoming a YouTuber is quite new in Vietnam in recent years. However, this is considered the way to make money online with the largest number of participants in Vietnam. Not only limited to young people, Youtuber also attracts older people to join. Ms. Tan Vlog is a prime example with more than millions of viewers for every video she posts.

Become a Youtuber
Make money with Youtube
This is a potential model of making money online, making money by quite simply uploading Videos to YouTube, attracting views and monetizing those views.
However, it is not easy to become a Youtuber. Learning how to act naturally in front of the camera, filming and video editing skills, etc. are essential skills for you to become a Youtuber. Good acting is important, but acting “what” is equally important. It is not easy to be able to exploit the topic so that it is very rich to produce attractive clips!
Comment: No need to invest, no need to stock up on goods, Youtuber can bring you huge revenue if you act well enough, attractive enough and lucky enough.
Good luck making money online!
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