What is customer care? 7 effective ways to take care of customers for businesses

In business, customers are considered the "life force" of the business. When you create good value for customers, they will bring benefits to the business. Customer care is the bridge connecting businesses and customers, helping you to listen, understand and provide good and suitable products/services to consumers. So what is customer care? How to effectively take care of customers, promote business profits?

About customer care
What is customer care?
Customer Care is a department built to satisfy the needs and expectations of customers both before, during and after they buy and use your products/services.

When providing professional customer service, it will create an attraction and impression of the business in the eyes of customers, help retain customers and develop a solid business.

The role of customer care
Currently, the role of customer care has many improvements compared to the previous traditional forms.

The era of digital transformation , advanced technology, customer care journey opens up many diverse methods such as email, call center, messaging, social network, etc. Many businesses have been providing support services. 24/7 customer support, always promptly solve all questions and better understand the needs of customers. The customer support journey is not only answering questions but also affirming and committing to the quality of service you provide to customers.

Discover 7 effective ways to take care of customers for businesses
#first. Build a good customer care team
It is not uncommon for businesses to push customer care to the last task on the list of business strategies. If you think that when a consumer becomes a customer and they pay for a product or service, that is hard work done, then the problem after that is not necessarily an investment is a complete thought. mistake.

Customer care service is a competitive advantage that many businesses are interested in. When the market is highly competitive and volatile, customer retention is always a top priority.

Instead of running after expensive forms of Marketing, you can take advantage of customers to promote products in the most honest and objective way, this is a highly effective way of word-of-mouth communication. no cost. That means you have to invest in brand value, quality in each product and customer support and consulting services. When users are happy and realize the benefits of your product, they are not only a loyal customer but also introduce and share to everyone who knows and uses the product.

That is why customer service training is always necessary for businesses. When owning a methodical customer care process, qualified staff, good attitude and customer understanding will help businesses attract and retain long-term customers.

#2. Good management of customer data
Whether your business model is small or a large corporation, it is necessary to invest in a customer care management software system. Because, available and accurate information about customers will be an "endless gold mine" that businesses can exploit and provide solutions related to products and services. For example, a customer who bought acne cosmetics from your place is likely to consider buying other skin care products as well. Therefore, you should take advantage of this opportunity to actively contact and inquire about your customers' skin conditions as well as advise and persuade them to buy more products with preferential prices.

#3. Predict customer behavior
The great competitive advantage between businesses lies not only in product quality, attractive promotion policies but also: you understand how customers, what they need and when.

Through the use of customer care software, you can be one step ahead of your competitors to navigate the customer's shopping journey in the most subtle and profound way for each specific audience. instead of following the customer.

#4. Build authentic and amazing customer journeys
On the journey to conquer customers, businesses need to invest in building the most thoughtful, authentic and meaningful customer experience. From advertising, approaching customers to sales, and finally customer care.

If a customer has an inconsistent, bad, or difficult experience, chances are you'll lose the customer forever to a competitor that can provide a better experience. Therefore, you must take advantage of every opportunity, even the smallest, to make a good impression in the hearts of customers.

Businesses can use customer care software throughout the shopping process of customers. From the Marketing step, businesses can learn about consumer tastes, zoning and paying attention to customers. In the shopping and consulting step, you need to pay attention to mention the key information, touch the right psychology of customers based on their tastes and pain points. From there, you come up with appropriate solutions and close

Through software that stores customer information, the business's customer service staff can easily capture user behavior, consulting and support will take place smoothly and much better. Customers are happy, interested in a good experience and help businesses promote their images to the public.

#5. Personalize the way you approach customers
Personalized marketing will help businesses increase their ability to attract potential customers, boosting investment efficiency. In the era of domination of Internet applications and social networks, customers are often inundated with information "rains". In particular, the more personalized the information, the more easily the brand's marketing message will stand out and be more attractive, increasing customer satisfaction.

Some businesses mistakenly believe that pursuing expensive marketing activities will attract customers. But the truth is that not every case is successful. To realize strategies to reach customers, requires the support of technology. Or simply understand, the sales management software must apply the appropriate method.

Using effective customer care management software will help businesses reduce marketing costs significantly, target the right audience, especially bring a positive experience to customers.

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#6. Apply CRM customer care management system
CRM stands for "Customer Relationship Management" , roughly translated: customer care management software . Currently, many businesses have been using CRM software to manage customers more effectively. Because this software can control 100% of the information of the customers you are holding, thereby understanding the needs and improving sales activities better.

Some free CRM software for customer management

This is a reputable customer management software built and developed based on the Bitrix24 sitemanager platform. In particular, Bitrix24 will provide you with highly customizable internal communication, work and customer management tools, compatible with all types of businesses. You can choose from 2 versions: self-hosted version and cloud-hosted version (free or paid to add more features).


Salesforce is one of the top rated CRM software in the world for customer information management solutions for small and medium businesses. The software is designed with a friendly interface, easy to use, especially with very high security and flexible cost according to the size of the business.


NextCRM stands out when it comes to a very effective combination of customer management and sales management features. When used, the software helps you manage customers systematically and supports effective sales management. NextCRM integrates automatic customer care, integrated care center, customer management and work, human resources in the company in various channels such as: Facebook, Shopee, Lazada, Zalo, ...

#7. Invest in e-commerce
The e-commerce market in Vietnam is experiencing remarkable growth, especially during the period of influence of Covid-19. Understanding the consumer needs of customers, many brands and retailers have quickly put their products on e-commerce sites for business and received a large response from customers. Just by making good use of e-commerce, you can reduce your worries about store costs or not being able to deliver products to the market.

There are many ways to put products on the Internet, businesses can choose reputable e-commerce sites such as Lazada , Tiki, Shopee , .. or social networks Facebook , Zalo. Some sellers choose to build their own distribution channels to have a more stable, long-term direction.

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Through this article, you must have found yourself the answer to "what is customer care?" as well as 7 effective ways to take care of customers for businesses. In the process of business formation and development, customer care always plays an important role, which is a decisive factor for the success of the business. Wish you have the best solutions and strategies for your business!

FAQs about customer care
What skills do customer service professionals need?
A professional customer service specialist needs to converge many factors and skills. However, the core requirements need to have knowledge and information about the products/services that the company provides and skills such as communication, initiative, persuasion, problem solving, etc.

Should businesses develop a FAQs system?
The FAQs system is a frequently asked question board. This is one of the essential things that businesses should build so that customers can actively receive and resolve information as quickly as possible.

What to pay attention to when taking care of customers?
Enterprises should develop a separate and clearly written policy that is disseminated to all employees.
Instruct staff thoroughly in every step.
Build support system, customer service evaluation tool.
Always focus, understand and care about customers in all cases.
Which businesses should take care of customers?
Customer care can be considered as one of the indispensable strategies in the construction and development of the business. Each business will have its own way of taking care of customers, depending on the field, stage of formation as well as the location of the business, there is a suitable way to take care of customers.

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