What is Ethereum gas limit? How does the Ethereum gas limit work?

What do you know about Ethereum? A trading network with more than millions of transactions taking place in a day, possessing the top user base in the world? There's a lot to learn about Ethereum. In this article, TinoHost will introduce you to an extremely important information related to Ethereum, that is Gas limit Ethereum.

Overview of Gas limit Ethereum
What is Gas?
Gas is a unit of measurement in the calculation of transactions running in the Ethereum network . Different transactions require different amounts of Gas to complete.

Ethereum transactions are paid in Gas instead of Ether to separate the cost of Gas from the volatility cost of Ether.

What are the characteristics of Gas?
Gas cost high or low depends mainly on the activity level of the performance requirements. So Gas has some of the following characteristics:

Cheap Gas fee for sending ETH/ERC-20 from one wallet to another
Gas fees are high when making transactions involving smart contracts. This explains why when participating in protocols like Yield Farming Gas fees are often higher.
Gas includes 2 components: Gas Price and Gas limit Ethereum.
What is Gas Price?
Gas Price is the amount of Ether willing to pay per unit of Gas and is measured in “Gwei” . Understandably, it is similar to the cost of each liter of fuel that you pay to refuel your car.

Gas Price maintains an interconnected relationship between the network, miners, and users, and its operating procedures are as follows:

Users: When performing some transaction activities, along with transaction information, they will put an additional amount of Gas, this is considered as the cost they have to pay for that transaction.
Miners: Based on the fees that users give to help them make transactions, prioritize processing for high-fee transactions first. If you need to make quick transactions, you should keep this in mind.
After successful execution, the transaction will be included in the Ethereum network.
What is Ethereum gas limit?
Gas limit Ethereum refers to the maximum amount of Gas you are willing to spend on a particular transaction.

A higher Ethereum gas limit means more computation work has to be done for smart contracts.

Standard ETH transfers require an Ethereum Gas limit of 21,000 Gas units.

How does the Ethereum gas limit work?
When executing complex orders, it requires investors to spend more money. It is active when you participate in an ICO and require you to deposit ETH into its smart contract or when you want to withdraw your ICO to another exchange (the transfer fee will be much higher than the limit). limit of 21,000 Gas as default)

This is because ICO smart contracts possess much more complex codes and require more computation than simple ETHs.

The Ethereum gas limit acts as a safety mechanism to protect investors from running out of funds due to error codes or errors in smart contracts.

Gas limit Ethereum changes
Ethereum ecosystem is experiencing many problems, a lot of transactions can be frozen easily. To solve this problem, a referendum on changing the Gas limit of Ethereum was held. Decisions will be made with the sole purpose of benefiting the ecosystem.

Gas limit Ethereum is classified into 3 groups as below.

The "keep the same" group
After voting on the “current” Ethereum Gas limit , very few people support this. The retainer group is very happy with the current thing, they are called Ethermine.

Ethermine controls around 24.9% of the Ethereum mining hashrate, these people have quite a bit of influence.

Keeping the Ethereum Gas limit unchanged will force people to spend more Gas to confirm transactions faster. This benefits miners, as they get paid more for transactions in the network.

"Reducing" group
Three other mining pools and many individual miners advocate for the reduction of the Ethereum Gas limit.

Mining pools that support this stance include Coinotron, Ethpool, and F2Pool. These three pools combine to make a total of 30.2% of the total Ethereum mining hashrate.

Reducing the Gas limit Ethereum has the problem that any transaction that bypasses the lower limit will be rejected by other customers of the network in the future.

It will certainly prevent system congestion by some fast transactions. However, it can still be congested when everyone sends at the maximum Ethereum Gas limit at the same time.

Group "increasing"
The majority of Ethereum mining pools want nothing more than to increase the Ethereum Gas limit in the future.

Groups like Dwarfpool, Nanopool, Ethfans and MiningPoolHub are the names that support this. These mining pools combine for a total of 38.4% of the total Ethereum hashrate.

The gas limit increase in Ethereum is also controversial, it makes Ethereum transactions more expensive. This can only happen without an official Ethereum Gas limit.

TinoHost brings information that wants to help you somewhat better understand the use of the Ethereum network. The information is personal and not fixed, at some point in time there will be different changes on the network.

If you are making investment decisions, you should carefully research and analyze the platform you want to implement, and update information regularly. This helps you make better decisions.

WARNING: This is an information sharing article, not a call to invest, you must be responsible for your own decisions. Investing in financial products always involves a lot of risks, so you need to consider carefully before making a final decision. Wish you wise and sober to make the right investment decisions!

Some frequently asked questions about Gas limit Ethereum
Why is Ethereum Gas limit set to 21,000?
Gas limit Ethereum is set to 21,000 by default in My Ethereum Wallet and other interfaces, Gas Price is also set by default. So you should be careful when setting it to an optimal number.

How to convert Gas limit Ethereum to Ether?
The cost of your Gas limit Ethereum in Ether units will depend on the Gas price you set. Just raise Gas Price with total Gas Limit Ethereum.

Example: If you set your Ethereum Gas limit to 21,000 and Gas Price to 2 Gwei. Your total cost your Ether will be 21,000 x 0.000000002 = 0.000042 Ether.

What is the cost of Gas in Ether?
Gas costs are not fixed. It is always set by the user via the Gas Price parameter in Ether or Gwei units.

What is the current Ethereum Gas limit?
There is never a fixed Ethereum Gas limit. You can set it according to the quantity you want. However, you should not set your Ethereum Gas limit too low because there is a risk that you will lose Ether.

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