4 lessons to teach children by Stephen Hawking

Always optimistic, constantly curious, persistent and admitting mistakes are the four lessons that genius physicist Stephen Hawking has left to his children.

Stay positive in life

At the age of 21, Stephen Hawking suffered from muscular atrophy syndrome, total paralysis, only two eyes and three fingers. Because his mind is not affected, Hawking constantly challenges himself and actively participates in different activities.

Hawking often drives himself to the office in a wheelchair. Prince Charles once commented: "He is the most enthusiastic person I have ever met".

At the age of 65, Stephen Hawking took part in a zero-gravity flight, even though he knew it was very risky. "I want to show people that physical limitations do not make us blind in spirit and faith," he said. Photo: CNN

For this physicist, life is a series of pleasant surprises. He doesn't mind taking on the challenge of pouring ice on his head or performing his favorite song by rock band Pink Floyd at a TV show. In 2007, at the age of 65, Hawking also experienced his first zero-gravity flight, even becoming a supporting actor in the films "The Simpsons" or "Flying Out of the Future".

When asked by a reporter how he remained in such good spirits despite his illness, Hawking replied: "My expectations dropped to zero when I was 21 years old. Since then, everything has been a part of me. reward". Hawking also once told his children: "If life is no longer fun, it will be a tragedy".

Constantly curious

Since the age of 9, Hawking has been dubbed "the expert in clock disassembly" because he is very curious with small components. Later, in his office, the words: "No matter what time we must not forget the starry sky above, we must always be curious and forever move forward". Curiosity drives him to explore the mysteries of the universe.

This man once said: "My goal is very simple, which is to have a complete understanding of the universe. Why is the universe like this and why does it exist." Therefore, according to him, a good education can unlock the potential of each person. "We need to protect children's curiosity, let it take root, develop slowly and eventually become the ability to think." Nurturing curiosity is not only about imparting knowledge, but also helping children find motivation to learn and improve their own abilities.

Hawking once told his children: "No matter how difficult life is, always keep a curiosity. Surely you will find your own path and achieve success."

Perseverance will

After Hawking fell ill, doctors diagnosed him with only two years to live. The average person would probably lose hope, but Hawking proved the above statement wrong. With a strong desire to survive, a strong will, he created a miracle.

Despite being terminally ill, Hawking completed his PhD at Cambridge University, got married, did scientific research, and became a world-renowned scientist. He once said, in this world there is nothing that cannot be solved, only life and death is the only problem that is difficult for people to control. "But to a certain extent, humans can still overcome it," he asserts.

Hawking used his life experience to tell his children, "Human efforts should have no boundaries. We're very different. No matter how bad life gets, there's always something you can do. and succeed. Where there is life, there is hope."

Admit mistakes

Hawking enjoys gambling but rarely gets lucky. In 1997, he made a bet with a scientist that there was a black hole that would devour and destroy everything on Earth. In 2004, Hawking admitted this was the biggest mistake of his life, "at least the biggest mistake in science ". On the way to research and explore space science, mistakes are inevitable, and he always bravely admits his mistakes.

German philosopher Hegel once said: "Only those who always lie at the bottom of the pit and never look up at the stars will not fall into the pit". Hawking used this very fact to tell his children: "Even if I am locked in a siege, I still consider myself the king of infinite space. Mistakes are inevitable, but the courage to admit mistakes is still precious. than".

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