China's most famous 'mosquito-killing lady'

In the past 13 years, RT Mart supermarket in Shanghai has never had a single mosquito, because Trai Hong Street's "Mosquito Killing Strategy" set is so effective.

Thanks to this, the nearly 50-year-old female sanitation worker became famous throughout Chinese social networks. Her "Strategy" series is constantly on the most searched list on Weibo, with more than 180 million times, up to now. Many people were shocked when reading this "strategy" series because it shows that the author has worked very hard for many years.

The mosquito activity schedule table has been tracked and statistically recorded by Pu Zhai Hong for many years, which she shared with new students at the Institute of Economic Management, Shanghai University at the end of August. Photo: The Paper.

Thirteen years ago, Trai Hong Street started working at RT Mart. She is responsible for controlling harmful organisms such as mosquitoes and flies. Ms. Pho was not young at that time, her education was not high, so she received a rather low salary.

The working tool that the supermarket gave her at that time was a plastic racket. Other employees use this rudimentary tool to swing back and forth, as long as there are no mosquitoes hovering in front of customers. But Pho was not satisfied with that approach. "Fighting mosquitoes is simple, but repelling is not the cause, I want to prevent from the source of the disease," she said.

The first thing this female employee did was research on mosquitoes.

From early morning until late at night, Pho observes the movement and behavior of mosquitoes and carefully records them. After a while, she concluded the rules of work and rest of this creature. "At 6 o'clock, mosquitoes are full of energy, hard to beat. At 9 o'clock, they gather in stagnant water to breed. At 15 o'clock, they hide in a shady place to take a nap ...". Just like that, the habits of mosquitoes are summed up, all seasons of the year. Even the preferred temperature and humidity of mosquitoes she knew like the back of her hand.

Trai Hong Street introduces a fruit-shaped yellow insecticidal paper that she self-researched based on decades of monitoring the growth laws of mosquitoes. Photo: The paper.

After thoroughly researching the opponent, Trai Hong Street began to research and make weapons. From the first mosquito racket, she tried no less than 50 different tools large and small. Seeing that it was not effective enough, she followed her own idea: Put a mosquito repellent solution in a basin of water, then apply honey to the mouth of the pot. Mosquitoes are attracted to the sweet nectar and quickly get trapped in the bubbling water. She also noticed that mosquitoes like bright yellow the most, so she cut the yellow insect paper into fruit shapes. Mosquitoes rush into it. This trick is known as "Sexy enticement" by the Street.

Mastering the rules, she deployed a mosquito killing network inside and outside the supermarket. On the lawn outside, she set up traps and used food as bait. Inside the supermarket, the curtains and then the air-conditioning window curtains are the first two checkpoints. If an enemy gets in the way, the next layer of defense that awaits them is bug paper, mosquito tape, and a homemade insect repellent. With these 6 layers of guard, almost no mosquito can successfully penetrate.

However, this is not over yet. Street is always thinking about the prevention and control of pests in the future. She studied the four stages of mosquito development and discovered that even in winter, preventing and killing mosquitoes is not superfluous.

Trai Hong Street also manages the area outside the supermarket. She actively destroys harmful insects at the trash cans in the hotel next door, four sides of the road, the flower garden around the supermarket is also set up traps. Many people think that this work of hers is superfluous because those are areas that are not under her responsibility. The street said that if the outside is not cleaned, the supermarket will surely be in danger.

Many people call Trai Hong Street by the nickname "Miss Mosquito Killer". People living around the supermarket also come to ask her experience whenever there are many mosquitoes in the house. Pho's "Method of killing mosquitoes" even appeared on the hot search list of China's largest social networking site Weibo.

Trai Hong Street in a talk with new students of the Institute of Economic Management, Shanghai University. Photo: The paper.

With a working style that pursues excellence and creates top quality, Trai Hong Street was recently invited to a talk with freshmen from the Institute of Economic Management, Shanghai University.

Ma Luong, vice principal of this institute, said that the reason why the school invited an ordinary female employee like Trai Hong Street to talk is because she has constantly studied and mastered working skills to serve society. for several years.

Tu An Lan, a first-year student, who directly listened to Pho's experience said: "To make an extraordinary career, one needs to accumulate experience". Other students acknowledged that this woman's fame and work taught a lesson: One can become an expert, become famous from seemingly trivial, small jobs.

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