How to apply for EV SSL (extended digital certificate) for Enterprise?

In the past, I have had a lot of articles about regular SSL certificates and how to install them on cPanel, Apache or NGINX. However, I have not had the opportunity to write a full article about a type of certificate that many people are interested in getting, but on the browser they can display the business name right next to the support website address. HTTPS protocol like this:

This certificate is called EV SSL (Extend Validated SSL). This is a business SSL certificate, and I am not an expert in this, so since I own a business like AZDIGI, I have had the opportunity to experience and have written materials like this.

So is it difficult to register an EV SSL certificate, how to register, what are the conditions to be granted and how long does it take? All I will rephrase in this article that I think anyone can do, with a little bit of cost is okay ahihi.

EV SSL (Extend Validated SSL) certificate is the most advanced type of certificate for businesses or licensed organizations. This means that EV SSL cannot be issued to an individual or to any legal entity that is not licensed by a competent authority in the host country.

Basically, EV SSL is no better security than other normal SSL certificates like DV (Domain Validated), OV (Organization Validated) because all types of SSL certificates support up to 256-bit encryption and key length from 2048 or more. However, EV SSL will have some differences that not all certificates have such as:

Increase the credibility of the website higher because of the thorough validation process.
The guarantee fee is higher than other types of certificates. For example with Comodo it is $ 1,750,000 and GeoTrust is $ 1,500,000 for example. As for the normal certificates, it ranges from $10,000 to $500,000.
Therefore, you should determine that EV SSL is not more secure or better than other SSL certificates but it will have more value in appearance.

In Vietnam, when registering for EV SSL, it is only necessary to prepare a clear scan of the valid business registration license issued by the Ministry of Planning and Investment. At the same time, the main domain name of the EV SSL registration website must be displayed on Whois pages, with Vietnamese domain names, look up at . It will be better if you use email under the main domain of the website.

1.Buy an EV SSL certificate
The first step you can buy a valid EV SSL certificate anywhere and from any CA (Certificate Authority) like Comodo, Symantec, Geotrust, etc. I recommend Comodo because of its affordable price. You can buy at Namecheap if you want to pay internationally or MuaSSL.COM if you need to buy in Vietnam. The reason I recommend MuaSSL is because I'm also a customer here and the support is very good, buy an SSL certificate and pay after 7 days without immediate payment at the best price in Vietnam. .

If you buy EV SSL at MuaSSL.COM, you can skip the steps below and ask that party to do it for you, without having to fumble around and waste time.

Note that when buying EV SSL, you will have an order ID code at Comodo and use it to contact Comodo for authentication.

2. Generate CSR and Private Key
The next step is that you need to generate a CSR code for this SSL certificate and a private key according to that CSR code. Note that you must keep the CSR file and the Private Key for later use when you have the certificate.

You can see how to generate CSR code on cPanel or generate CSR code on Linux VPS/server .

3. Send authentication
After having the CSR code and activating the EV SSL certificate, you will come to the most tedious step that is authentication. For other CAs I don't know, but for Comodo, the authentication process is as follows:

If your business does not have complete information on Duns and Bradstreet (D&B) is missing or does not have a Duns Number. So if your business already has a Duns Number, it's very convenient because you don't have to do a cumbersome authentication step like below. Comodo only needs to verify business information on D&B.

If you don't have a Duns Number, you must use a certified mailing attorney to verify it. Hire an attorney who speaks good English and has a full license to practice and license to write a letter of guarantee, which can be viewed here  and emailed to . If you cannot do this step yourself, contact and they will take care of this step for you at a cost of 1,000,000 VND/time.

Fill in company information and authenticated phone recipient information from Comodo, there will be 2 copies: EV SSL Certificate Subscriber Agreement and EV SSl Request Form . If you hire a lawyer from in the step above, they will fill out these 2 forms for you. Please print and sign in full.

Next Comodo will contact by phone with the recipient of the verification call entered in the above step about 4-5 hours after sending. If no one calls, go here to chat with them and ask them to call right away. My case is that there was a caller before, but then they sent the two documents in the above step and called again, then no one called, so I asked them to call right away, they will call. right.

When calling they will ask for the company name, business area, website address and confirm that you are applying for an SSL certificate by Comodo CA. You confirm with them again, a call takes about 2 minutes, not much. But let me tell you, Comodo always sends people with Indian accents to call me, so it's hard to hear, luckily I didn't listen because I asked my girlfriend in Vietnam to listen to me ahehe.

After the phone call is verified, about 8 hours later you will receive an email with the EV SSL certificate like this.

4. Settings
After having the SSL certificate file, now we can install it like any other SSL certificate, you can refer to how to install the SSL certificate that I wrote:

Install SSL certificate on cPanel
Install SSL certificate on NGINX
Install SSL certificate on Apache
INSTALL SSL certificate on VestaCP  (instead of using Let's Encrypt's certificate code, copy Comodo's certificate code in)
That's it, now your website has a green SSL certificate with the company's name in the address bar. The above is what I did to register an SSL certificate for my company and I think you can successfully follow the same steps.

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