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Are you wondering whether to use WordPress or Blogspot to start your blogging career? Do not let you wait long, Tino Group will compare Blogspot and WordPress in many ways for you to find a suitable platform for you!

Blogspot and WordPress Overview
What is Blogspot?
Blogspot is a completely free blogging platform where you can share your stories with the world. In 2003, Blogspot was acquired by Google and renamed from Blogspot to Blogger as it is today.

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Advantages of Blogspot
One of the most "sad" advantages of Blogspot is that it is backed by Google , any keyword related to the word blog or blogger, Blogger page will appear in front of your eyes.
The interface is simple and easy to use, this is one of the advantages of Blogspot, Blogspot's interface is minimalistic so you can focus on content creation.
Built-in Google AdSense, you want to make money blogging? So, as soon as the conditions for content and traffic are met. The Google AdSense section will appear for you to click activate and make money from ads!
Free blog, free domain name too ! The free domain name on your Blogspot will be as follows:, for example, I use my own name to set the blog like: Along with that is 15gb of storage used with all Google services.
A huge plus, Blogspot has now supported Vietnamese since about 2015.

Simplicity in the interface
Limitations of Blogspot
Nothing is perfect. Therefore, blogspot also has some limitations as follows:

It is difficult to make deep adjustments to the interface, code and other functionality if you want to add.
Blogspot's default theme is outdated, although there are new themes, you have to buy Themes from other developers to be beautiful.
Quite a few Blogspot Themes are sold in the candle market compared to WordPress.
Must meet Google's criteria to earn money with Google AdSense links. You can view their policy here .
What is WordPress?
WordPress is an open source software/tool ​​used to create and publish blogs written in PHP programming language and using MySQL database. The WordPress platform was built and released by Michel Valdrighi and Mike Little on May 27, 2003.

Advantages of WordPress
Easy to install and use : WordPress was created with the purpose of making it accessible to all users from advanced to general users. You will not need to have a high level of programming or website management, WordPress will support you almost completely and completely.
Massive users: As an open source, WordPress attracts a large number of users worldwide and has become the most widely used open source code in the world. Therefore, if a user creates a new application in WordPress, you can completely "enjoy", learn and apply for your website.
WordPress has a rich theme system : with a huge user base, many third-party developers create professional themes with good SEO capabilities to sell to users in need. You can buy, then edit and customize the interface in a simple and gentle way.
Multilingual : Up to the present time, most of the main functions of WordPress have been translated into most of the most popular languages, including Vietnamese.
Functional extensibility: you can extend the functionality to WordPress almost unlimitedly! With a huge source of Plugins continuously developed by 3rd party developers, you just need to find and choose the Plugin with the desired function, install and use it.
And many other attractive features that you should try to feel.

Limitations of WordPress
Like many other CMS , WordPress is not completely perfect, there are some limitations that affect quite a lot if you are a newbie to WordPress such as:

It takes a long time to get used to the multifunctional interface in the WordPress Dashboard.
You need to have basic programming knowledge to be able to use WordPress at its best.
As an open source software, every year there are quite a few mass attacks on websites using WordPress.
Many Plugins and Themes are free, but you will have to be careful to avoid downloading “fake goods” and “processing” viruses to your site.
Compare Blogspot and WordPress through 4 factors
In this section, Tino Group will compare Blogspot and WordPress directly for you to have a more detailed look!

Cost of using and creating an account
Blgospot : Completely free. You just need to log in to your Google account, create a custom domain name, enter the basic information, and you have a complete blog page! The blog site's storage will be integrated into Google's free 15gb of storage. If you wonder about bandwidth, google will "cover" the unlimited bandwidth for your site.

WordPress : The WordPress source suite is completely free. However, you will have to buy more: Domain, Hosting , Theme, … and other things to create a blog for you.

Support community
Blogspot : the community of use and support for Blogspot is still quite sparse compared to the heyday of the platform. However, Google is still behind and does its best to support Blogspot, so you don't need to worry too much.

WordPress : has a huge community of users and support to more than 40% of websites using CMS are using CMS WordPress. You can easily find ways to fix errors when you encounter a problem when installing, using, etc. The WordPress community is very generous and ready to help when you ask on the forums!

Service Provider
Blogspot : sponsored by Google and completely free! Therefore, when using it, you do not need to worry about whether Hosting your website will crash or not, data will be stolen or not...

WordPress : is a completely free and open source software/tool. However, you will have to pay hosting providers to host your WordPress site, and currently, there are countless hosting providers for WordPress websites. Therefore, you will have to consider a lot when choosing Hosting for WordPress. You can refer to the article: Instructions on how to choose Hosting for WordPress to choose the best!

Blogspot : If you are not a coding person, you can only adjust the most basic things in Blogspot such as: domain name, monetization, font, content color at a basic level. If you want your website to look better, with basic tweaking you won't be able to do it…

WordPress : “Thousands of transformations” is a sentence that can be used for this platform. With most of the functions on your website optimized, you can tweak most of the features and interfaces with Plugins, Page Builders, etc. It's almost impossible to think of a function, interface. That's cool, you can do for your WordPress site.

Ultimately, it's up to you to decide which platform to use. For Tino Group, if you do a simple personal blog, you should use Blogspot; If you want comprehensive and long-term development, you should use WordPress.

Tino Group wishes you to have a complete blog and website and make a lot of money from your website!

FAQs on comparing Blogspot vs WordPress
How to point TinoHost domain to Blogspot?
To point the domain name from TinoHost to Blogspot, you will need to have the domain name of TinoHost, next you will have to declare the domain name and set up DNS. In order to make the process of pointing your domain name easier, Tino Group wrote an article and made a video tutorial on How to point a domain name at TinoHost about Blogger (Blogspot) here.

How much money is required for Google to pay?
The Google Adsene payment threshold is that you have to reach at least $100 for Google to pay you for ads. You can see more about the Google Adsene Payment Threshold and other terms regarding payments to Blogspot here .

Blogspot has been "closed" by Google or not?
There are quite a few "rumors" about Google will directly shut down Blogspot. However, in 2020 Google has made a move to "slightly upgrade" some features and refine the interface of some Themes in Blogspot. So, feel free to use it!

How to customize and protect a WordPress site?
If you are looking to learn how to use WordPress basics, protect your WordPress site, optimize your database, search for Themes, Plugins, etc. Tino Group's WordPress tutorial series will help you optimize your WordPress site!

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