The Top 6 plugin shortcode 2021 Best WordPress

If you are a regular WordPress user , you are probably familiar with the term Shortcode. This is a pretty useful feature in WordPress that makes a few tasks easier for you. In the following article, Tino Group will introduce to you the Top 6 plugin shortcode 2021 Best WordPress.

What are shortcodes?
Shortcode definition
Shortcode is a special type of code in WordPress . This type of code is used to insert into the content of the page or post and will be converted into HTML code when the page or post is displayed. Shortcodes introduced in WordPress 2.5 allow anyone to execute code inside WordPress posts, pages, and widgets without writing any code directly.

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These snippets can be inserted anywhere to add dynamic features, from galleries, audio files, headers and content from external pages to any WordPress site. Although Shortcode is often overlooked, it is a convenient tool to add many specialized features to your WordPress site.

For example, you can insert the link of the Facebook Fanpage page into the page with this Shortcode:

When displaying the content of the page containing this code, WordPress will convert the Shortcode to the HTML code as follows:

<a link=""> <img src=""> Go to our Facebook fanpage </a>
How are shortcodes in WordPress used?
Shortcodes that are integrated into the WordPress platform by default are as follows:

Audio: Embeds audio files and enables playback at the same time.
Captions: Allows subtitles to be added to your content.
Embed: The maximum size can be set for an embedded item (e.g. an image or a social media post).
Gallery: Allows adding a custom image gallery to your website.
Playlist: Create an audio or video playlist.
Video: Adds a video file that can be played back.
They can be copied and pasted directly anywhere on the web page. You can set a Shortcode through the Visual or Text editor:

In this example will use the Text editor, because after switching from Text back to the Visual tab, you will see the new feature applied:

Why Use WordPress Shortcodes?
By using Shortcodes, you can avoid the cases of adding ineffective codes to your WordPress site and at the same time help add more functionality to your website.

Besides, you can add Shortcode depending on how much custom functionality you want to add to your site, saving quite a bit of time. In addition, other benefits when using Shortcode can be mentioned as:

Easily add Contact Form to website
Add call-to-action buttons to blog or website posts quickly
Allows adding image gallery to website
Support creating pages with multiple columns
Put great quotes in your content
Top 6 Plugin Shortcode WordPress tốt nhất 2021
Shortcodes Ultimate
Shortcodes Ultimate is a free and very handy Plugin for users who want lots of options and each option is available easily. This plugin comes with a collection of 50 Shortcodes for almost any element in a page that you need including columns, accordions, carousels, sliders, and tables.

Shortcodes Ultimate also makes it easy to customize Shortcode properties. Specifically, it becomes simpler to find the sorted Shortcode in the menu and insert a Shortcode into your pages and posts. This plugin works with all Gutenberg themes and block editors. Currently, Shortcodes Ultimate has more than 800,000 downloads.

WP Shortcode by MyThemeShop
WP Shortcode is another Shortcode Plugin that allows you to add elements to your website like buttons, alerts, tabs, accordions, embed Google Maps and others into your website. Although this Plugin offers quite a few Shortcodes (only 24 options to choose from) it is very suitable for users who need some extra functionality without requiring a lot of complex functionality. You can also add basic custom parameters to your Shortcode.

Shortcoder allows WordPress admins to create multiple custom Shortcodes containing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This plugin allows you to place the Shortcode anywhere on a page or a post after you have pasted the code and assigned a recognizable name.

Shortcoder is a great plugin for you to place embedded content like videos and display ads. Once installed, you will not be limited to placing the embed code in the widgets, besides, you can create a Shortcode for each embed and paste them in the content editor. Shortcoder also allows you to disable custom Shortcodes on your website or limit their display on desktop or mobile devices.

Meks Flexible Shortcodes
Meks Flexible Shortcodes is a WordPress Plugin to add elements to your post or page content, besides, this Plugin's UI Shortcode generator panel allows you to insert all Shortcodes quickly . There are 12 different shortcodes to choose from, all of which can be styled to your liking.

Each Shortcode tag has several smart styling options. These Shortcodes can be used with any style, design or any theme. Meks Flexible Shortcodes has many attractive features that make this Plugin a great Plugin to use for Shortcodes.

Column Shortcodes
Aligning columns to fit is one of the hardest things to do when building a WordPress site. However, Column Shortcodes will provide a dedicated solution to do this easily. With this Plugin, simply add one of the preset Shortcodes to specify your column size and another Shortcode takes care of the rest. You can put up to 6 columns on a page.

Column Shortcodes is built to work with most WordPress themes. Columnar Shortcodes are most commonly found in magazine-style templates, which are a simple way to divide content into a more visual format.

Shortcodes by Angie Makes
Shortcodes by Angie Makes is another free Plugin that allows you to insert awesome Shortcodes into your content. After doing a few tests, you will quickly become familiar with the interface and features of this Plugin. You are allowed to check your preferences in the settings before you start using the Shortcodes.

Shortcodes by Angie Makes comes with a set of beautiful and useful elements that you will need on your website. This plugin has built-in columns, tabs, lists, sections, different boxes and link content..You can easily customize each Shortcode by replacing the default content with your own.

Shortcodes are really helpful for you to develop the content on your website. Above are the 6 best WordPress Shortcode Plugins in 2021, each plugin will have its own strengths. Depending on your needs, choose an appropriate plugin. Good luck.

Frequently asked questions about the WordPress Shortcode Plugin

Should I use multiple Shortcodes in my content?
Shortcodes are very useful. However, using too much Shortcode is not always good. Overusing Shortcode will easily hinder users from reading your article. An article of less than 500 words and you have 2-3 Shortcodes will make the reader feel uncomfortable.

Is it possible to add a Shortcode to the Widget section?
Shortcodes are not only added to posts and pages. You can also place Shortcodes in extensions on your website. In some cases, you won't be able to automatically add Shortcodes to widgets and will need to enable the feature. To do that, open the functions.php file and add the following code:

add_filter (‘widget_text’, ‘do_shortcode’};

Why are my Shortcodes not working?
Please check some of the following if your shortcode is not working:

Check if the Plugin that provides the shortcode is working. If that Plugin doesn't work, the Shortcode won't work either.
It's probably because your theme is outputting content that doesn't apply the necessary filter to it.
Is your shortcode in your main Plugin file? If not, include the file containing the code in your main plugin file.
Check for errors in your Plugin file.
Move the Shortcode to your theme's functions.php file and make sure that the Shortcode is actually working.
Are the above Shortcode Plugins free?
Most of the plugins on the article are free except for Meks Flexible Shortcodes which costs $49. You can download the plugin on this or installed directly on your WordPress site.

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