Instructions on how to choose Hosting for WordPress 2021

How to choose a good Hosting for WordPress website? This is a question a lot of people ask and so are you, right? So, let Tino Group guide you how to choose Hosting for WordPress to help you completely free!

Factors to choose Hosting for WordPress
What is your purpose when building a website with WordPress?
Of course, first you have to determine what your purpose of building a website with WordPress is for. There will be many different purposes and Tino Group will list and classify some common purposes:

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Individuals who want to write a blog to satisfy their passion for writing or simply vent their feelings
People who want to do business online
Individuals who want to make money online
Build a website to sell to businesses/organizations
Build a website to introduce businesses/organizations

If you are just thinking about where to create a personal blog for free, you can check out the article: What is a blog? How to create a personal blog for free to build your blog too!

And if you are still staying here for reasons such as: want to develop with the orientation of being a long-term blogger, make money online, have an online business, build a website for your business and other long-term purposes, etc. We will continue to accompany you to find the right type of Hosting for WordPress , find the right provider so that you can develop long-term.

Questions to answer to choose Hosting
If you have decided to take this job long and seriously, you need to answer a few more questions to figure out what Hosting for your WordPress is like!

Where are your customers, visitors?
One of the very important factors when doing business is identifying your customer file. If businesses and individuals cannot determine who their goods are sold to, or write articles for whom to read, the website will fall into a state of "empty like Ba Danh pagoda".

Source: Phong Vinh – VNexpress
You also have to identify where your customers are, in Vietnam or internationally. This is to determine where to place Hosting . Ideally, your Hosting location should be near your customers to ensure speed.

What is the estimated number of visitors?
Once you've identified your audience, next you'll need to estimate what the Market Share of your product/service or blog topic is; How much market share can you capture…

From these factors, you will be able to decide on parameters such as bandwidth, storage capacity, processor ...

How much can you pay for Hosting?
Hosting costs are also a pretty big deciding factor for individuals and sometimes even businesses. Video sharing service providers are sure that the source of money they pour into hosting is a lot.

But what about you/your business? In a year, how much can you/your business pay, in the longer term, in the next 3 or 5 years, how will the growth and backwardness be to determine the type of Hosting, the appropriate Hosting parameters .

How is your hosting knowledge?
No less important for other reasons. Do you/your business have knowledge about Hosting, website and WordPress?

If yes, these knowledge will help you to operate the website well; If not, you/your business should look for a company that has support services for WordPress websites such as operation, maintenance, SEO , etc.

Types of Hosting are available in the market
Share Hosting
Share Hosting is the most popular form of Hosting and is sold by many providers. This type of Hosting is cheap and suitable for the majority of people who want to build a website.

If it is a small website with little traffic and data, such as a personal blog, business introduction, new sales, etc.

Cloud/ Business/Premium Hosting
Cloud Hosting, Business Hosting or Premium Hosting have the same common feature: they are all larger packages of the Share Hosting package and the different names are set by the Hosting service providers.

For websites with moderate traffic and high data capacity, you and especially your business should choose this Hosting package to ensure your best performance.

WordPress Hosting
Like the name of this Hosting package, WordPress Hosting is the most optimized Hosting package for individuals who choose WordPress CMS to build their website.

Currently, there are many Hosting providers that you/your business can refer to in the market when searching for keywords: WordPress Hosting or Hosting WordPress.

VPS Hosting
For businesses, VPS Hosting is the best choice to ensure: customizability, security, speed of the website.

However, you/your business need to have basic knowledge on how to use, install WordPress, how to customize. Because VPS Hosting will give full rights to the user, for those with little professional experience, it will be easy to get confused when using.

Dedicated Hosting
Dedicated Hosting is physical, with this type of Hosting, you are the owner of Hosting with a server with full resources and only your own, unlike the Hosting above, you will not have to share resources with anyone.

Security is very high, stability is excellent; scalability and hybridization to use powerful hybrid cloud technology. All these make Dedicated Hosting have great sympathy with users.

However, for small bloggers, small online stores will find it difficult to access this type of Hosting, because their prices are extremely expensive! Along with that, the owner must have the knowledge of operation, maintenance, ... the accompanying costs are quite large!

What conditions must quality hosting meet?
Stability and scalability
This is one of the factors worth paying attention to in developing a website with high traffic. Under normal conditions, your website only gets a few thousand hits. After a period of translation and good SEO, the amount of traffic to a few tens or even a few hundred thousand will cause congestion and crash the web.

Therefore, you need a Hosting that is stable on a daily basis and has the ability to expand in the future. Fortunately, you can negotiate package conversions with most providers both at home and abroad.

For bloggers, their content is the most important data. But for businesses that have information that needs to be kept as confidential as possible. Therefore, choosing a hosting with security will make you/your business feel secure.

Confidentiality can be assessed based on the reputation and reviews of people who have used the service of the provider you intend to choose.

Notes when choosing a hosting provider for WordPress
Reputation and reputation of the supplier
If you don't want to have your data stolen, you don't want your website to crash several times a day and you don't want your website to be compromised by the provider itself?

So, the reputation and reputation of the Hosting service provider is the first thing you should pay attention to.

You should look at the overall reviews of other customers, other review sites, etc.

Surely, when you spend money to buy hosting services, you will not want to encounter a fraudulent provider. Therefore, please consider the overview before choosing to buy!

Support team
This is an extremely important factor when using information technology services in general and Hosting for WordPress in particular.

With Tino Group, we have a support team with many years of experience and are available 24/7 to assist customers who are having difficulty using the service.

You should find suppliers with a good technical team, a customer care department to answer your questions.

If the support team of the provider is not good, either you buy the right Hosting from the provider or the individual buys and resells Hosting. This will be a nightmare when you encounter a problem using the service!

Please rate from people who have used
Of course, you should ask people who have used that provider's services. You can go to Fanpage to see comments, to review pages to see other people's reviews.

You can also join service review groups for reference and “inquiries”. Don't let just because you don't ask, don't watch that "money is lost", please!

Finally, Tino Group wishes you to choose the right WordPress Hosting plan and a reputable provider that always puts your experience first!

FAQs on how to choose Hosting for WordPress
Hosting TinoHost good or not?
TinoHost is very confident that we are providing the cheapest and most superior Hosting packages compared to other competitors in the same price range. With only 9k, you can own a TinoHost Hosting package right away!

How is the quality of service and customer care of TinoHost?
At TinoHost we always put the customer experience first. Therefore, TinoHost has developed a team of technical experts with many years of experience that will support you 24/7 at any time; TinoHost's attentive customer care team will answer your questions quickly.

If you create a support ticket and your ticket is received for more than 5 minutes, you will immediately receive an extra month of service.

Does TinoHost accept WordPress site optimization?
Yes, TinoHost is currently accepting to optimize your existing WordPress site for only 399k/wp site.

Should you buy cheap Hosting or not?
As in the article mentioned, you should consider your purpose when choosing Hosting like. More specifically, if you are choosing Hosting for learning or testing, cheap Hosting will be right for you.

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