What is VestaCP? Instructions for installing VestaCP A to Z

If you buy a VPS and have to buy the control panel separately, it will be a huge cost disadvantage, when the price of cPanel or DirectAdmin control panels is not low. If you are looking for a completely free control panel, Vesta is an ideal suggestion. So, what is VestaCP? How to install VestaCP completely free? All will be answered by Tino Group for you!

Learn about VestaCP
What is VestaCP?
VestaCP – Vesta Control Panel is a hosting control panel – a completely free hosting control panel with open source code that is gradually becoming popular because of the convenience of this product itself.

You will need a lot of things to run a website and when you install VestaCP, it will help you to set up most of the services to run a comprehensive website; as well as surrounding services such as: Database , DNS or Email.

With a beautiful, intuitive and easy-to-use graphical interface, VestaCP deserves to be one of the better quality control panels for its price.

Outstanding features of VestaCP
No different from high-end control panel products with expensive prices like cPanel , VestaCP has a lot of extremely useful and practical functions for website management such as:

Highly secure platform
User-friendly, neat and easy-to-use graphical interface
Support for much needed AntiSpam and Antivirus tools
Has CLI and powerful API
Built-in auto update function
Supports SSL and SNI . certificates
There are pre-configured templates available
System monitoring capabilities
Works with GPL v3 . license
Wildcard supported
Quick backup function available
DKIM . method support
You can freely configure DNS, database, email and even FTP server right on VestaCP.
In addition, you will feel overwhelmed by VestaCP. Despite being completely free software, VestaCP actually has a lot of functions you need to spend money to use in other control panels.

Instructions for installing VestaCP A to Z
With most operating systems and VPS packages that support SSH service, you will be able to install VestaCP "speedy" in just 4 steps:

Step 1: access SSH with root privileges

Step 2: run the automatic installation script :

curl -O http://Vestacp.com/pub/vst-install.sh
Step 3: you just need to run VestaCP and you 're done!

bash vst-install.sh
So you already own VestaCP in your VPS already! There are many people using CentOS 7 operating system. Therefore, Tino Group will dive in and guide you to install VestaCP on CentOS 7 operating system!

Install VestaCP on CentOS 7
Step 1: Update your system . If you haven't updated your system yet, or just to be sure, run the following 2 commands in SSH:

Step 2: create a command to install VestaCP. To download VestaCP, go to VestaCP's official page and then choose the configuration you want. Or you can try VestaCP's recommended configurator as shown in the picture.

Step 3 : Enter your hostname, email, and password information ! If you don't enter, you will still have to enter when entering the script.

Step 4 : After selecting and entering, click Generate Install Command to let VestaCP automatically generate script commands for you. You just need to copy them back into a certain file because you will need them in step 8! The example of the bash command that selects the configuration is the same as in step 2.

Step 5: you go back to your SSH and run the basic commands to install Apache, MySQL and some basic stuff like this:

systemctl stop apache2
systemctl stop mysql
apt-get purge apache2* libapache2* mysql-client* mysql-common* mysql-server*
apt autoremove
Step 6 : install curl using command

apt-get install curl
Step 7 : Once you have installed curl, you will run the script to download the installer:

curl -O http://.com/pub/vst-install.sh
bash vst-install.sh
Step 8 : You will paste the script in step 3 after the basic VestaCP package is installed. Eg:

bash vst-install.sh --nginx yes --phpfpm yes --apache no --named yes --remi no --vsftpd no --proftpd yes --iptables yes --fail2ban no --quota yes --exim yes --dovecot yes --spamassassin yes --clamav no --mysql yes --postgresql no --hostname your-domain.com --email admin@your-domain.com --password Y0ur_Pa55w0rD
If you do not enter in step 3 , to step 9.5 you will have to manually enter the hostname, email and password information in a rather painful way.

Step 9 : If everything is fine, you will get a screen containing basic information about the installation packages as shown in the image. Here, you continue to enter y to agree to the installation.

The installation process will take you 10-20 minutes depending on your VPS package configuration and network speed.

Step 9.5: If you do not enter in step 3 , in this step you will have to enter the email information, hostserver and password will be automatically generated, you will have to remember that random password line or change it in the section. after. For example you will have to do the same as in the picture.

Step 10 : After the installation is complete, VestaCP will display the path to VestaCP Dashboard, login account with password .

Normally, you should be able to use port 8083 to log into VestaCP Dashboard.

It seems that the implementation steps are longer than the 3 simple steps introduced initially, right? But that's okay, your hard work will be rewarded with the free VestaCP.

Access to VestaCP Dashboard
Once the whole process is complete, you can exit the SSH screen and use your browser to access VestaCP Dashboard!

The address will be as follows: https://tenmiencuaban.com : 8083 .

And the login page will look like this.

After logging in, this will be your homepage

Right at the homepage, you will have most of the information about your VPS package such as bandwidth, disk space, number of emails, DNS information as well as the number of emails you can use, etc.

To change the password generated randomly by the system, click on the word admin => in the Password box you change it back to an easy-to-remember password and Save is done.

Here, Tino Group has introduced you to what VestaCP is and how to install VestaCP for free. Wish you the best experience with VestaCP dashboard!

Frequently asked questions about VestaCP
Is it possible to install VestaCP on AWS?
Yes, VestaCP is now available in the AWS Marketplace. Therefore, you can download VestaCP to use for VPS in your EC2 service.

SFTP Chroot is a service of VestaCP, this software service will help restrict SSH users and restrict access to their home directory. This product is priced at $3/month or $18/permanently. To learn more about SFTP Chroot , you should visit their product page.

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