What is Platform? Types of platforms today 2021

Platform is roughly translated as " platform ". In technology, it is a programming term that refers to a group of technologies that are used to underpin the development of other applications, processes, or technologies. Platform is the must-have foundation of every software development process.  To put it simply, Platform is a connection platform that creates a special environment - an environment for software to be executed.
Ecosystem "ecosystem" 
Macbook, IMAC, Iphone, ... combine to create Apple's Platform ecosystem. An ecosystem is considered to be complete and comprehensive for the needs of users, the components and platforms that make up the ecosystem must be linked and dependent on each other. At the same time, they must be under the same ownership.    Besides Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook are among the successful companies by the combination of business models, including the combination of many different platforms. They help connect people faster than you can imagine. When it comes to Platforms, listeners often think of platforms with technological elements. Thanks to the application of technology, buyers can connect directly with manufacturers quickly and accurately. 

Elements that make up the Platform
Single hardware
This is the part that will appear in the case of small embedded systems. Without operating system support, single hardware can now access hardware directly.
Chrome, Coccoc, …. or any browser when the software is web-based.
Applications are very diverse. For example: spreadsheets, data storage applications, word processors, software storage applications, etc.
Frameworks are the place to provide pre-designed functionality.
Virtual machine
Thanks to the virtual machine, all applications will be translated into a format similar to machine code. The application is then executed by the virtual machine. A virtual version of the complete system includes: hardware, operating system, software, storage capacity. Each Platform will have different support functions as well as certain limitations.  Common practical Platform models are:
For individual users: Platform includes hardware (computer), software (operating system, web browser, application programming interface, ....) so that applications can operate. 
For computers: Platforms consist of central processing units (CPUs), and these CPUs are designed to run specific machine language code. In order for a computer to run software applications, the applications must use the CPU's binary encoded machine language.

Types of Platforms Today
Hardware Platform (Hardware Platform)
Platform hardware is the general hardware of technology devices. Detail:
In smart electronics: the processor, which determines the power and smoothness of the device. 
In all types of computers: CPU parameters, ram, operating system ...
Smart electronic devices such as laptops, computers, phones, etc. cannot lack hardware to be able to function properly.  Typical example: a computer using a 32bit CPU and operating on the Microsoft Windows operating system. 
Software Platform (Software Platform)
Hardware platform embodied in the power of electronic devices. Meanwhile, the software platform directly affects the "intelligence" of electronic devices. This is a special environment for programming applications, features, ... creating the unique power of each Platform.  Examples:
Platforms MS-DOS (x86), DR-DOS (x86), FreeDOS (x86)….
Microsoft Windows (x86, x64)
Linux (x86, x64, PowerPC)
Mac OS X (PowerPC, x86)
OS/2, eComStation
Cloud computing Platform
In recent years, cloud computing services ( Cloud Computing ) have attracted quite a lot of attention from users. This is a modern technology with the ability to collect and analyze huge amounts of data that has helped businesses skip building an infrastructure database.  Cloud computing Platform exists in 3 main forms:
Infrastructure as a Service: Amazon
Software as a Service: Google Apps 
Platform as a Service: IBM.
The modern technologies that Cloud computing Platform serves for users are: big data analysis, IoT, artificial intelligence and web and mobile application hosting thanks to Cloud Hosting or Cloud Server rental services.

Social Platform
This is a Platform that helps users develop, deploy, and manage social media solutions and services. The most popular application of the Platform is its ability to create social media websites and services that function as a complete social network. From there, users easily connect the community, share content, add friends, set up privacy controls and other social media network features. Social Platform has created technological "steps":
Original apps
Application Programming Interface (API)
Backend admin console to manage the entire user base and preferences
Business service platform
Typical examples: Uber, Grab, Foody... This is the application platform for business. 
The importance of the Platform model
Platform helps users: 
Create strong connections between customers and businesses with effective solutions
Platform to support the promotion of inventory items
Open up the possibility to grow on a large scale
Managing complex market factors
Not suitable for serving specific consumer groups 
Poor value chain management. 
End-to-end customer experience cannot be managed as efficiently, in detail, and professionally as traditional business models. 
In the 4.0 era, retailers are increasingly developing and providing business services that are far more effective than e-commerce.  Retail businesses with potential resources have paid much attention to digital platforms to increase their competitiveness.

Meanwhile, traditional platforms have also gradually realized the importance of technology in the modern era. Therefore, supermarkets, real estate exchanges, etc. began to develop online platforms to increase their recognition. Technology changes every day at a speed beyond human imagination. If you understand and apply the Platform models in a timely manner, you will be a pioneer, ahead and easier to succeed. Hope you choose a platform like that!
Frequently asked questions about Platform
What is Platform in Mobile field?
In the field of Mobile, the outstanding platforms include: Android: an operating system based on the Platform of Linux. Users can write applications for phones and tablets on the Android operating system. The Android Platform's app store is Google Play. iOS: the operating system used on Apple devices: iPod, iPad, Apple TV… The main application store of the iOS Platform is the AppleStore. Blackberry: Platform for software design, developed by Research In Motion (RIM) on handheld product lines. Windows Phone: Microsoft's operating system for its smartphones. The application store of the Windows Phone Platform is the marketplace.

Is application software considered a Platform?
Applications software includes all programs designed to complete specific tasks on a computer. Therefore, most are not considered Platform. Image editing programs, word processors, spreadsheets, music players, etc. are common examples of non-platform application software. However, there are some types of application software that is also a Platform because there is a supporting role for a solution/application built on top of it such as Chrome, Facebook, Safari, ....

Typical example of application software as a platform?
Application software as a platform can be divided into two typical groups such as: Web browsers: Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, ... This is the foundation for other types of software. For example third-party plugins/extensions or themes. Social media sites: Facebook, .... act as platforms when enabling external applications, tools and/or services to interact with the core features of the website, applicable to the entire website as well as mobile apps.

What is Platform?
Platform is roughly translated as "platform". In technology, it is a programming term that refers to a group of technologies that are used to underpin the development of other applications, processes, or technologies. Platform is the must-have foundation of every software development process.

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